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New! Two-way control (Juun aluminum blind).


Protection against excessive heat and UV radiation.


Free air circulation.


Precise regulation of the amount of light penetrating inside, without the need to raise the blinds.


High quality of the materials used guarantees exceptional product durability.


Functionality and comfort of use.


Child safety protection devices – applied in cord- and chain-operated systems, prevent hazardous loops from forming.

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Aluminium blinds (metal) effectively protect interiors against excessive heat gain. Rotating slats, which can be set in a selected position, allow free air circulation. Smooth operation will allow you to hide away from prying eyes while not giving up on natural daylight.

Aluminium systems will prove particularly useful also in interiors where partial or total blackout is required. Here Light Less system comes in useful. Its perforated aluminium tape with invisible holes will eliminate streaks of light and light reflexes, even on sunny days.

Aluminium blind slats, available in three widths: 16, 25 and 50 mm, are compatible with different types of windows including those with untypical shapes. Guide-wire system will be of assistance when operating tilt windows. Motorised control will prove indispensable when operating windows located in places which are not easily accessible or those mounted in large buildings.

Aluminium blinds can be mounted on the glass pane, wall or ceiling. They are lighter that those made of wood and the packet of raised slats also takes up less window space.

Aluminium blinds are available in many attractive shades, which makes them compatible with interiors in many different design styles. They can be fitted with cord or tape ladder for a touch of elegance and style. The blinds will also beautifully complement the curtains, moreover, being UV resistant, they will protect the curtains against yellowing. This type of blind will be an ideal choice for interiors exposed to high temperatures and humidity.

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